Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A few months after I lost my first Vizsla a wise person told me it was time to write a new story, which is how this blog got it's name. It's a collection of favorite photos that make me smile and shows what life is like for my current two Vizslas, at home and out in our favorite places. We hope you enjoy your visit to our page.

Toldin's Moonlight And Roses

CH HRQ Meet The Expert

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Winter 2018 Winter is a quieter time for us but we keep busy with nose work and running at the lake in our favorite spot. We love to admire the beautiful clouds there. We're looking forward to spring, summer, and fall adventures!

Twin Lake Fall of 2017

Aspenglow Lundy Canyon Campground

Morning hike at Gull Lake
Kiva Beach Tahoe above Armstrong Redwoods below

Above coast walk Pacific Grove below having fun near Goat Rock

Above girls hit the trail at Spooner Lake and below frolicking in Hope Valley
After testing the water at Gold Lake

Twin Lakes 

Donner Lake
Above a run on the Spooner Lake trail. Below a beautiful May day at Cave Rock Lake Tahoe
I've Got This! Carmel
Overlooking Wright's Beach
Aspen near Convict Lake

Sardine Lake


17 mi drive

Fun in the dunes Dillan Beach
Wrights Lake

Morning walk Lake Davis 
Beautiful morning Lake Tahoe

So. Much. Fun!
Blowing off steam after the rain!

Lily takes the plunge!

Lundy Canyon

Dogs at Dillon Beach, Lily in wildflowers Lake Tahoe. Below Rosie Donner Lake.
The perfect rose for my Rose

Looking lovely by my favorite Japanese Maple

We love our winter running spot!
Brown's Ravine

Santa Barbara

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heading to Frazier Falls
Wild and crazy at Dillon Beach

Convict Lake

Rosie ready for the catch!

Lily can fly!
Wrights Lake
Rosie in the clouds
Napa Valley
Having a conversation in Carmel