Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A few months after I lost my first Vizsla a wise person told me it was time to write a new story, which is how this page got it's name. It's a collection of favorite photos that show what life is like for my current two Vizslas, at home and out in our favorite places. They make me smile. I hope they will do the same for you!

Toldin's Moonlight And Roses


CH HRQ Meet The Expert RA JH SWA 

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Winter playground
October 2018 Mornings in the mountains are getting chilly! This is at Rock Creek
Heading to the Eastern Sierra for fall colors. Here the beautiful colors at Hope Valley
The girls enjoying a romp at Horseshoe Lake Mammoth.

They are so good in the hotels and cabins. What a rough life you have girls!

In the Aspen. They are so beautiful whether green, yellow, or orange!

Off to Oregon with a stop in the Avenue of the Giants. Sept 2018
"Wow we really hit the jackpot this trip!" "Yes we did!" The girls conversing at Arch Cape
Cannon Beach. We even saw another Vizsla
Run Rosie Run!

Carl Washburne Memorial State Park
The reflections in the morning were just gorgeous!
We stopped on this beautiful beach outside of Gold Beach

Sunset on Gold Beach
Russian River cabin with the Lab cousins. Neighborhood watch!
Lily always enjoys making a splash! August 2018

The girls at Lake Davis. We got there bright and early and were the only ones there. They swam A LOT!

Rosie doesn't mind posing for pictures. The reward makes it worth it! Taken at Cave Rock State Park NV side Lake Tahoe. Picture below at Tahoe Park.

 Carmel May 2018. Lily on Carmel Beach and the two on the 17 mi Drive. We love it when the wildflowers are in bloom.

The cousins together at the Russian River June 2018

Having fun at home, silly girls!
Twin Lake Fall of 2017

Aspenglow Lundy Canyon Campground

Morning hike at Gull Lake
Armstrong Redwoods 2017
Kiva Beach Tahoe. The lake was really high this year (2017)

Above coast walk Pacific Grove below having fun near Goat Rock

Above girls hit the trail at Spooner Lake and below frolicking in Hope Valley
After testing the water at Gold Lake

Twin Lakes 

Donner Lake
Above a run on the Spooner Lake trail. Below a beautiful May day at Cave Rock Lake Tahoe
I've Got This! Carmel
Overlooking Wright's Beach
Aspen near Convict Lake

Sardine Lake. One of our favorite places to enjoy the mountains.


17 mi drive

Fun in the dunes Dillan Beach
Wrights Lake